Supporting Immunity Becomes a Daily Practice

This trend is making an appearance on our list two years in a row, because we’re all getting on board with daily immune support, and there’s no looking back. We know that getting sick is inevitable, but we’ve also come to understand that by nourishing our immune system every day, even when we aren’t sick, it will be primed and ready to go when the inevitable happens, making symptoms less severe and the duration shorter. In 2022, we will continue to give our immune system the nutrients it needs to function optimally—on a daily basis. Immune resilience1 is about training the immune system to always be at its peak performance, much like we would build muscles for fitness. 

This daily strategy includes getting sufficient amounts of immune-building nutrients daily, like vitamin C2,  vitamin D3,  and quercetin4.  It also demands that we improve our diets by reducing sugar and industrial seed oils like corn, soy, and cottonseed, and stop being so sedentary to improve overall health, build immune resilience in the face of viruses like COVID-19, and extend our healthspan. Throughout the pandemic, we have seen the role that comorbidities play in the severity of disease, and research has shown that people with poor liver health5,  cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome have poorer outcomes. 

This is why in 2022 we will work to support our immune systems on a daily basis while also going back to the basics of nutrition and physical activity to help eliminate or mitigate comorbidities, improve overall health, and increase immune resilience  

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